The last days of our vacation

The time we had in Budapest, we spent on the “hop on hop off” bus and we took the “cable car” up to Castle Hill. “Cable car” After Budapest we left Hungary behind us and entered Slovakia again. The border between Ungarn and Slovakia Now it was time for the city Bratislava and Devin Hotel, […]

Creepy hostel

This is our first time at a hostel, and tonight we find it a bit creepy, but more of that later in the post… We landed in Vienna just a little over 9 am, so we picked up our bags before we went to find the car rental company (it was a challenge in itself […]

We’re ready for this years’ Easter trip

And so was the Easter here, and we’re ready for going on the road again! For this year’s Easter holiday we had planned a road trip in Europe. We soon found out what area and distance we would like to travel considering the time we had. The cheapest flight was to and from Vienna Austria, […]