Etosha National Park

It was time to leave the desert and head towards Etosha National Park for some game drive. Etosha NP covers an area of more than 22.000 sqkms. In its center lies a vast salt pan surrounded by grasslands and thorn savannah, Mopane bushland in the west and dry forest in the north-east. We woke up […]

Swakopmund and Damaraland

After two days at the Desert Camp we unfortunately had to check out and leave the area, heading for Swakopmund. We had a few stops along the road for photo opportunities, and we ate lunch at a parking lot in Walvis Bay (30 kilometers south of Swakopmund), where we could spot hundreds of flamingos and […]

Living Desert – The Little Five

When we arrived Swakopmund we booked the Living Desert Tour right away to have something to do the following day we had on our own in the town. Our driver Doug from Living Desert Adventures picked us up around 8 o’clock in the morning, and at the activity center we met the rest of the […]

Desert and Dunes

On an overland tour you have to be prepared to wake up early (almost) every day on the road, and that’s totally fine since we wanted to spend as much time and see as much as we could while we were in another continent. Sleep can we do at home… We left the desolated mountain […]

Hello, beautiful Namibia

It was time to put South Africa behind us, and entering a new country; Namibia. First we had to check out from South Africa, and then go to the police so they could check if we had any unpaid tickets. I hate when it happen and I don’t know why, but for some reason many […]