It’s been over two years ago since we visited Australia for the first time; we had three days in Sydney before 16 days on the road along the East Coast up to Cairns. We fell in love with the country and the freedom of traveling in a campervan. So ever since we’ve dreamt of going back and see more of this beautiful land down under.

Early in January 2016 we saw an opportunity to take a whole month off and go traveling, the only problem was that we had to do it in February/March. That meant we had a few weeks to plan a trip, and our thought wandered straight all the way to Australia. Could we make it? We started the research and found a few vans available, but we knew which company we wanted to use, and after reading reviews online of other companies we were convinced; we had to go with Britz Campervans also this time. We LOVED the Venturer 2 Berth we traveled in the last time, but it wasn’t available from Sydney at the time we could go, actually we only had one van to choose from; Britz Hitop 2 Berth. We were a bit hesitant because this looked a little small, and we really enjoyed the Venturer, BUT that morning we checked the flight fare and found some really cheap flight tickets we immediately booked them and decided to go for the HiTop.

Britz HiTop


It was Monday 8th of March around 9 we arrived the Britz office to pick up our van. This lovely woman, Julie, greeted us; she was so helpful and kind, and everything we needed to meet after traveling for over 30 hours… We signed the documents, watched an instruction movie and got the key before we went out to see the campervan. We were ready to hit the road!


Britz HiTop


After shopping for groceries we detected that the shelves in the fridge was cracked and it wasn’t possible to put anything in it because it kept on falling down. We made a call to Britz, and they were so nice to talk to. We just wanted to ask if we could just fix them with some tape, and it was no problem. And if we wanted we could stop by any of the other offices on the road to get some new.
When we arrived Adelaide we stopped by the office, but not to change the shelves; they worked just fine after we taped them, but we wanted to rent an awning. Yet another time it was so nice to meet them, and the lady (we don’t got her name) was so kind and we got it for free.


Britz HiTop


When we dropped off the van at the office in Cairns we had drove for 12.054km and we had absolutely no problem with the car. It was less than one year old and in good shape. The interior was fine, and even it was a bit small we made it work for us.

As last time we didn’t use the sitting group inside, so we had it as a bed the entire trip. We also organized the cabinets and we took out everything we knew we were not going to use and put them in storage under the bed. We also unpacked our bags and made two “closets”, one over the bed and one over the drivers cabin.
Otherwise the van was equipped with microwave, gas stove, pots and pans, cold pressurized water, cutlery and cooking utensils.


Britz HiTop

Britz HiTop

Britz HiTop


We also had automatic transmission, air-condition in drivers cab, rearview camera and GPS (extra), also a cd-player/radio with USB, Bluetooth and AUX.
Not sure how it works now as I think there has been some changes to the package, but we had an all-inclusive package with picnic table, chairs, gas bottle, extra driver, one-way, liability reduction option etc. Linen and bedding per person are included when renting a motorhome/campervan/4WD: pillow and pillowcase, sheets, doona/duvet and towel.


Britz HiTop

Britz HiTop


There are pros and cons of renting a small campervan as this HiTop which is a Toyota Hiace, it’s small and got less space for storage, but it’s also normal sized car and it is easy to park in around in cities (not in parking houses because of its height: 2,5m). It is not shower or toilet in it, but in the other hand we didn’t use that facilities when we rented the Venturer either. The one thing we were missing was AC in the main cabin (we went in the hot season, and at the warmest it was 44degrees Celsius), but we bought a cheap fan at Target for 20AU$ so we at least got some air circulation. The campervan didn’t use too much petrol (about 1,1l).
Also worth mentioning that as a Britz costumer you get 10% off at all Big 4 Holiday parks.

We feel so satisfied with renting this HiTop from Britz which is a brand under thl (Tourism Holdings Limited), and would not hesitate to rent from Britz or the other companies under thl again; Maui, Mighty and Kea.

Hopefully one day we will… We still have the Western Australia and Tasmania left 😉


Britz HiTopRoom with a view

Britz HiTop

Britz HiTop

Britz HiTopThe food on the road can be pretty tasty

Britz HiTop



15 thoughts on “Britz HiTop 2 Berth Campervan

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  2. This looks so FUN! I did Sydney and Cairns for my honeymoon and loved seeing the camper vans everywhere. It’s way cozier on the inside than I thought it’d look!

  3. Oooh, I’ve never been on a camper van/RV/whatever-you-call-it and I would absolutely love to try it sometime in the future! <3

    You looked like you had a great time yourself and it makes me want to hop on one immediately. Aaah, I'll definitely check out Britz next time I'm in that part of the world.

  4. I’ve always thougt about roadtripping around Australia in a camper – great to hear that this 2 berth was enough space for you both – even if it was lacking in AC 0 and even better that you could park it in (most) regular car spaces. I’ll certainly consider Britz if I ever get round to my roadtrip!

  5. This looks like the ultimate road trip dream! Britz seems like a very professional company, might look into them if I ever get to that side of the globe 🙂

  6. I always wanted to travel in a camper van and see all the hidden places where local transport doesn’t reach. I actually couch surfed once in a camper van, my host had it for their guests. It was pretty cool. I see your had everything you need for cooking and storing your luggage. Shame about the ac though, I know Australian summers can get really hot

  7. Sounds like it would be worth it! No AC would maybe be a little painful in summer, though cool if you can fix that with a cheap fan 🙂 I love that their customer service was so lovely to you, that’s what really make a brand stand out above the rest in my opinion.

    We’re looking at doing an Aus Outback roadtrip from our home in Canberra, though the biggest problem we have is finding places to sleep in the middle of nowhere. This might be the perfect solution. Thanks for the comprehensive review.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  8. 🙁 This post makes me ‘homesick’ and Australia is not even my home. But it is one of my favourite countries and the best trip of my life was travelling with our ‘backpacker car’ Dora across the continent. We did a campervan adventure in New Zealand and I think Ben would be super jealous to see the photos of the inside of your campa! SOOO spacious. Ours was fairly decent in size and we loved it but a bigger camper makes such a difference, especially if you travel for a longer period of time. We didn’t do quite as many km’s as you guys (just over 8000km) 🙂 Would go back in a heartbeat! SOOO love this country!

  9. I love this post! Not only do I dream of visiting Australia but more than anything I want to do a road trip in a camper van, this is the perfect place to do it! I am currently trying to convince my friend to hire a camper van for our road trip to scotland!

  10. Motorhome/RVs are so much fun. I can totally relate to this post. It gives you freedom and your space plus you don’t have to spend big bucks on hotels.

    I haven’t been to Australia but when I do go there I will look up your post.

    I loved the last pic !!

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