Wednesday last week we spontaneously booked a trip to Rome for this weekend.
Friday afternoon we sat on the plane from Oslo Airport with a stopover in Frankfurt. The flight from Oslo Airport was delayed and we missed the corresponding flight. But we got a hotel for the night by the airport. So then we took a shuttle bus to the hotel (and it was many that should have been on another flights, so we were not alone at the check inn-desk). We got dinner and breakfast included in the stay. It was late when we arrived at the hotel so it was nothing else to do than to get some food and jump in to bed.
Luckily we did not have any checked in baggage, so we had all our belongings with us (those who did, did not retrieved their luggage).

After a few hours of sleep we had to get up, get some breakfast and catch the bus back to the airport. The plane was thankfully on time so we arrived Rome early and got the whole day in Rome. So really we did not lose much time in spite of the delay.
Arriving at the airport in Rome we found a bus we took to the main railway station in Rome where we’d walk to the hotel Raffaello – a small and simple, but completely OK hotel.

Hotel Raffaello

We went straight out to explore the city. We started to walk down to the Colosseum where we took a guided tour. It was a very long line, but because we got on a guided tour, we walked right in with our group.

(We bought tickets of a random man who just came up to us when we were standing in line, common sens told us that this was some sort of scam, but he seemed honest enough and it turned out to be a great deal, no more waiting in line in the hot sun)

When the guided tour finished, we went ahead and bought tickets for the City Sightseeing “hop on hop off” bus to see the city in an efficient manner.

For lunch we had to try the Italian pizza!

Castel Sant Angelo

After a few good hours in the heat (well over 30 degrees C. or if you prefer, 86 degrees F) had my head had enough and we decided to go back to the hotel to relax for a bit. However, there was some way to go, which is not tempting with a migraine. But we found a biketaxi that we thought we could try, and yes, he would love to give us a ride, except for the last long uphill (understandable). Along the way, we were not quite sure whether we would survive this ride, but at least we became one experience richer. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND HOLD ON!

As the evening came along I felt a little better, so we dressed up and went down the street to find a place to eat. We had a great steak dinner before we found us a ice cream parlor to eat Italian ice.

On Sunday we had a few hours before we had to go home, so we spent some more time on the hop on hop off bus. (Yes it`s touristy, but also a great way to get around big cities, and see the main sights)

We thought about taking a trip in to the Vatican, which unfortunately was closed that day. But Rome is a city we want to re-visit, so hopefully we can see the inside of St. Peter’s church etc. then.

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