Right after we got home from Mexico we booked a new trip, this time with the travel agency ‘Ving’.

On now it was time to go!

We took the flight from Oslo Airport to Tenerife, a flight which took about 5 hours. We retrieved our luggage and found the bus that was taking us to the hotel.
After a short time we arrived in Playa de las Americas, hotel Hesperia Troya.

The view from our room. One can barely see the island of La Gomera in the distance

We used the two first days to make us familiar with the area, mini-golf, and a trip to Los Christianos.

We had already booked a car, and we picked it up on Tuesday. That day we got up early and walked to the car rental company Avis.

We had not planned a route, but we drove along the coast from Playa de las Americas and up to Puerto de Santiago and Los Gigantes. Furthermore went to Puerto de la Cruz, where we ate lunch.

The trip went to Tacoronte, Tejina, Tegueste and then to the Monte de las Mercedes on narrow curvy mountain roads, then down to the coast and San Andres, on through Santa Cruz, and back to Playa de las Americas.

This took all day, with many stops along the way to explore and take pictures.

The event for day 2 we had planned 2 weeks earlier, and it was to mount the top of the activ but sleeping volcanic mountain Teide.
We got up early and headed towards Teide, even with a few stops along the way we arrived in good time. We bought tickets for the gondol; we had no intention to climb all the way up. The gondol takes you from about 2400m up to 3555m, and we had to climb the last few hundred altitude meters up the steep terrain. Only that was tiring enough! To get to the very top (3718masl) you need to have permission, and as they only let 200 people a day go to the top, we applied for the permission in good time before we left Norway. At the peak the temperature had dropped to -5°C (23°F), we could smell the sulfur, and some places we walked trough hot steam.

The Gondol
At the peak of Teide

When we came back down we shopped for some souvenirs and food that we ate before we left.The ride down from Teide went over Monte de la Esperanza and down to La Laguna.
Furthermore, we tok the main road west and towards Buenavista del Norte (tried to get us all the way west to Punta del Teno, but the road was closed), the mountain road that passes by Baracán, is one veeery narrow and curvy road.
We drove the coastal road south back to Playa de las Americas. We changed clothes and got refrehed before we took a taxi to Los Cristianos where we did some window shopping and ate dinner.

In the third (and last) day with the rental car, we wanted to find Castillo de San Miguel. We drove around a bit before we finally found it.

Castillo de san Miguel

After that we drove to the Jungle Park and wandered around for a bit there, saw the animals, ate lunch and watched a bird show with birds like eagles, vultures and falcons.
Pretty cool show!

We spent a few hours there before we went back to the hotel, changed and went back up to the Castillo de San Miguel. At night they had a medieval show with medieval dinner. And we really wanted to experience this. We had not bought anything in advance, but took a chance that it would work out… And it did!
We got there and bought our tickets and then got handed a piece of cloth we had to put on, the color showed which “team”(knight) we were supporting, and we got a kings crown. We were shown to our seats, where we sat with the others gest on the same “team”.

Castillo de san Miguel

This was a dinnershow with a medieval theme, with the shows on the field in the middle while the guest sat on each side and cheered for “our” knight and were served food (in the real medieval fashion , without cutlery). For starters, we got a pice of bread and a bowl of soup, no spoon, you would have to drink it. For the main course we got a pork chop, a chicken leg and a half fried potato with herb butter. And for dessert there was some vanilla ice cream.
After this show we all moved to another room in the castle where there was flamenco dance demonstration. After a while we went back to the hotel. Must have been close to 10pm before we got back.

On Friday we had to get up early to deliver the car back to Avis and then we were to be picked up for a little trip… Fifteen minutes late, we were finally picked up and driven to Adeje located a stone’s throw away from Playa de las Americas, and saw the helicopter we would fly with. For yes, we were flying helicopter for the first time!

There was room for three passengers, and there were only two of us, so the driver who picked us up at the hotel joined us.
This was an activity that was really fun to have experienced.

While we were in Tenerife, Jon-Fredrik`s aunt and uncle were also on vacation at Tenerife. So we had agreed to meet up for dinner. It was very nice to meet some familiar faces, and we enjoyed a dinner followed by some drinks. We just sat and talked until late at night.

The second last day we joined a bus tour to the neighbor island La Gomera. So we got up early(again) to find the place we would be picked up.
First we were taken to Los Cristianos where the ferry went from, jumped on the catamaran which is Norwegian-owned with plenty of room for passengers and vehicles.

Food marked on the island of La Gomera

When we arrived the island we jumped on our bus and left with all the pensioners (plus a nice couple from Sweden on our age) – drove maybe a hundred yards before we went out to look around in the city. There was, for our likings too much dry talk about palm trees and palm honey. But we eventualy continued on, and then it carried up the hill. There was a stop at a restaurant where we were having dinner. We were served a tasteless soup, some bread, chicken, rice and potatoes, as well chocolate-/vanilla ice cream for dessert. When we were finished eating, we got demonstrated whistling language that is peculiar to the island of La Gomera. There has been little availability for communication and they used whistling as it could be heard from a distance.
Very funny show! They got different people to give things they wore to another person in the dining room, and one waiter would supervise and another who did not know anything about how things were to start with was supposed to find the item and give it back to its rightful owner just of the whistling commands from the waiter that had supervised. And he got everything right!

Amazing, search Youtube for “Whistling language, La Gomera”

La Gomera

After dinner we drove to a national park where we walked around and looked at the special scenery. We were then taken down to the docks where we took the ferry back to Los Cristianos at Tenerife.

We were unfortunately not satisfied with our tour guide as he was rude and grumpy older guy who kept repeating himself. And he made several inappropriate and rude comments to several of the participants on the bus.

La Gomera

We were back around half past six, regretting that we did not rent a car and traveled on our own on the island instead. It was directly indelicately to sit with people who sat and coughed constantly down our necks. We were probably just unlucky with your party, and each trip is probably not equal.

The last day we just walked around to shop souvenirs and eat a little before we were picked up by the bus at the hotel.
About 10:30 p.m. February 10th we were back to cold Oslo Airport and Norway.

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