In the US Independence Day means beaches, fireworks and other 4th of July events, but what most people don’t know is that a city in Norway host this 4th of July celebration where over 3000 AmCars enters the streets, it’s time for one of Europe’s largest amcar cruising; the annual amcar parade in Lillestrøm.

All around in the city you’ll see American cars and people dressed up in costumes where the clothes are often customized the vehicle’s age. There’s music, BBQ, a great vibe and party atmosphere.

The event started at 5pm, and the cruising began at 7pm. The participants have a fixed route they have to follow, and the spectators were lined up along the streets, ready to watch the cars pass by. The sun was shining, we had great high temperatures and we couldn’t wish for more.

4th of july


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