It was time for our first trip together, and this weekend we went on a spa-weekend in Tallinn.

We booked through, and found a trip to Tallinn, flight back and forth, 3 nights in hotel Kalev SPA including 3 treatments at the SPA, and free access to the water park.

Kalev SPA

The flight went from Oslo to Tallinn, and when we arrived at the airport arrival hall we saw a lady holding a sign with our names on. It turned out to be our private driver that should bring us to the hotel.

We started our stay with a walk around in “Old town” to browse a bit and ate a good lunch / dinner before we went back the hotel to swim and relax a bit before we were going to get this weekend’s first treatment – full body massage.
And then we went out again for a second late-dinner.

Two steaks in one day, it’s not bad. Just have to mention that tha sun was shining and we had real summer temperatures.

Old Town
Old town

Saturday we woke up “early”, eat breakfast at the hotel before we went down for our second treatment. This time it was head massage. After that we got dressed and went out again. We got to a market hall, where virtually all the stalls looked the same. We felt like we walked past the same stalls over and over again. The sellers were incredibly fussy and did not speaking English – they just cattered away as if we were to understand what they said.


Then it was back to the “Old town” for a peek, take some pictures (it was minimal), McDonald lunch in the park and a poor steak for dinner. Did not even taste like beef!

Sunday it was time for shopping and it was okay considering the weather. We went to two or three shopping centers before we headed back to the hotel for our last treatment: Full body scrub and wrap for Monica and neck / back massage for Jon-Fredrik.
After this we headed out to eat a better dinner, and we agreed that we would not take any chance so we safed it and went to a restaurant we had been to before: Goodwin Steak House – The steak was very good, with mushroom sauce. Finishing with a delicious hot chocolate fondant with ice cream for dessert

Along came Monday, and our last day in Tallinn. Breakfast was eaten, suitcases packed, also we went back to a shopping-center to shop some more.
We were driven to the airport by the same lady that picked us up when we arrived. And then it was just a short flight back home…

Kalev SPA

A very successful trip and it left us wanting to travel more together!

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